Management is one of the hottest courses in the country. It has even captured the international imagination. Management professionals have become quite significant to an organization. It is because some of the management professionals have gone on to become the topmost professionals in an organization. Sometimes, they can even override the decisions made by the founders of the company. You are now aware of the significance of a management professional.

India was one of the countries which were starving for management programmes in the initial period. Then, of institutes mushroomed up, and the scene became competitive. Most of the programmes were not at par with the international standards. Everybody wanted a management degree and placement, but nobody was interested in the quality.

What is the present situation?

Now the scene has changed. Students are more vigilant. They freely question the institute’s registration and they keep a sharp lookout at the courses being offered by various management institutions. They research for courses that have value on the international scene.

·         The affiliation of the institutes is the first priority.
·         The courses being offered comes second on the priority list
·         The placement opportunities come third

These are the criterion for choosing the management courses. But some courses are so hot and can help in getting a good career. Two of them are:

·         Bsc in Management
·         Business Economics Degree

But is that enough? You need to know what they teach in Bsc in Business Management, and what a Business Economics Degree is all about.

What do you need to know?

For Management and Economics, you need to have a mathematical aptitude. It is very crucial that you understand some of the key topics in mathematics; otherwise you will face a lot of difficulties in inferring data. Then you need to learn Accounting, both financial and management accounting. Law, tax and economics too form a part of the core programme. Strategisation, Management and Entrepreneurship are introduced in the latter part of the course.

There are some courses which accentuate the necessary soft skills of the students, so that they are industry ready.

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