There’s been a real expansion in the field of education since the past decade. Earlier, choice of courses was limited. A person either took up engineering, MBBS, B.Com, or BA. But the industry soon understood that graduates holding such general degrees are not well equipped to perform specialized tasks, and that’s when professional degrees came into picture. Professional degrees like mass media, business management, actuarial science, hotel management, environmental sciences, event management, interior designing etc. have come up that prepare students specifically for a career in their concerned field.

Similarly, a business management degree is well rewarded, since it gives you specialized knowledge with respect to business, which you wouldn’t get by studying any general commerce course. Business management courses teach you about the following:

·         Strategizing: Business management courses usually start off with something known as strategizing. It teaches the students how to create business strategies. This module is vital, and lays down the foundation for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

·         Marketing and management: While starting out a business, you need to be ready with the marketing plan as well. Today, firms spend almost 50% of their budget on advertising and marketing, since this is what gets them a bulk of their clients. Marketing is all about promoting your brand in an exceptionally interesting manner with the use of innumerable marketing channels present today.

·         Organizational behavior:  During the earlier days, firms were mostly family managed businesses and they treated employees as liabilities. Today’s businessmen have realized that a firm is nothing without its employees, and therefore they are assets! Organizational behavior teaches future entrepreneurs how to handle their employees, improve employee satisfaction rate by constant motivational and morale boosting activities, and thus reduce attrition rate.

·         Economics and present issues: A businessman needs to be well aware about factors that can affect his/her business. Constantly changing laws and economic policies can make or break a business, and therefore one needs to know what’s happening with respect to present issues such as government legislations, economic policies, laws etc. Accordingly, one can change their business practices and seek more benefits.

·         Corporate Social Responsibility: A pretty new module, corporate social responsibility is all about giving back to the society. Do you remember watching ads with a social message, but promoted by a brand? All these ad campaigns are nothing but CSR. CSR aims to improve the image of the company in the minds of the audience by making them feel favorable about the practices of the company.

For those who’ve just passed 12th, diploma in management is an option to consider. For those who have successfully completed their bachelor’s, they can opt for masters in management.

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Today student have various career options in professionals degree like business management , mass communication , event management , sports event management and many other diploma in management.


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