Our career choice these days is largely influenced by what kind of jobs we will get on graduating. While there are people who want to pursue their interests too, some of those also eventually end up doing something that will sustain them financially by getting them a decent pay package. When it comes to pay package, one of the degrees that assures a good pay is a degree in economics.

In today’s times, the importance of economics is undeniable. Economics helps people understand about money, various policies, the cause and effect relationship between various things, the impact of demand and supply on the lives of people etc. It is also known as an inexact science, because even though it contains some laws like science does, one cannot tell the exact outcome of anything. The outcome, at best, can be approximated.

A graduate diploma in economics is a degree that is done after graduating in the discipline of economics or any other discipline at bachelor’s level. It can either be done as a 2 year program, or a 1 year intensive course. The 2 year course is a part time one and can be done during the weekends. The chief aim of this course is to give students an in depth knowledge about economics from a post graduate studies point of view. Students who’ve studied at the bachelor’s level will understand that a diploma gives them added depth.

There are a lot of students who don’t wish to do a course as rigorous as the Masters in Economics, but still want to complete an additional degree after their bachelor’s studies. For such students, a graduate diploma is an ideal choice. Though not as rigorous, it will still cover a lot of concepts taught during the Master’s course. For whichever modules the students choose to study, they will be asked to complete their homework, assignments, and will have to give written exams. There will be mini class tests, essay writing, and problem solving assignments too. The overall marks of all these will then decide their final standing in class.

So are you excited for a graduate diploma?

If you notice the trend in choosing courses, you will see that there’s a tilt towards management courses. Studying management has become a favorite choice of a lot of 12th pass outs since it gives them a chance to study about the management role right from a bachelor’s degree, as opposed to getting acquainted with it during their MBA. It trains them to become managers and gives them hands on approach about everything that’s needed to become a manager.

When it comes to management, there are various degrees that you can choose. You can opt for Bsc, or Ba hons courses in Management. They have a slightly different method of teaching but the core concepts remain the same. You’ll be taught about leadership, how to manage a team, how to motivate your employees to reach specific goals, handling a company in times of crisis etc. While Bsc focuses more on the science aspect of management, Ba focuses on an approach that says modern day management should not follow any principles. It says that the decisions should be based on the situation the company is going through.

Choosing the right college for Ba Hons in Management Delhi is a tough task. With so many good options, which one will you go after? We’ll give you 3 incredible tips to find a college worthy of you –

·         Check rankings online: Visit online education forums and check out magazines. They have rankings of colleges across every stream. You should see colleges that are in the top 10 in your respective field. Leading national magazines carry college rankings a month or two prior to admissions.

·         Extracurricular and co-curricular activities: A college should definitely conduct extracurricular and co-curricular activities. It boosts the students’ morale and helps them gain confidence. It also helps in overall exposure and development of soft skills.

·         Faculty: Faculty is of utmost importance. You need to know about the people who’ll be teaching you. Every college lists down its faculty on the website. They even give a brief about all of them. Check the websites and see which faculty looks outstanding.

During the earlier days, career options were limited and so were the degrees. You’d usually hear ‘B.Com’ or ‘BA in English’ from someone’s mouth. Today, the scenario has changed drastically and innumerable career specializations have opened up. Economics is one of them.

Economics is one of the most revered degrees in today’s times since this subject can be applied in practice everywhere around us. The rising unemployment, falling down of GDP, the changing dynamics of business across the world, demand and supply, economic policies etc. are all vital contemporary issues and you can understand about them only by studying economics.

Now that you’ve realized the important issues that require sound knowledge of economics, you’ll be wondering why there weren’t specializations like Bsc Hons Economics until a couple of decades back. And the reasons for studying economics just don’t end here. There are a lot more reasons why you should study economics. Let’s see –

·         Chance to acquire skills: As a student of economics, your knowledge base will be ever increasing. You will learn about presentation skills, report writing, how to interpret data and present the same with in depth analysis, solving problems etc.

·         Many career opportunities: If you’re a graduate from one of the best colleges for Bsc economics in India, you’ll not have to worry about career options. Economists get placed in a wide array of career streams right from IT to Media! Government jobs, investment banking, actuarial science, economics reporter, and teaching jobs are some of the most common places where an economics student can find his calling.

·         Get an overall idea about a lot of things: Do you know what effect goes the UN convention’s environmental policies have on the nations? Do you know why there’s so much of inflation? Do you have any idea regarding the rising dollar value? If your answer is no, then let us tell you that you’ll come to know about all these things by joining a Bsc course in economics.

Choosing economics as an option for your bachelor’s degree can well prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

There’s been a real expansion in the field of education since the past decade. Earlier, choice of courses was limited. A person either took up engineering, MBBS, B.Com, or BA. But the industry soon understood that graduates holding such general degrees are not well equipped to perform specialized tasks, and that’s when professional degrees came into picture. Professional degrees like mass media, business management, actuarial science, hotel management, environmental sciences, event management, interior designing etc. have come up that prepare students specifically for a career in their concerned field.

Similarly, a business management degree is well rewarded, since it gives you specialized knowledge with respect to business, which you wouldn’t get by studying any general commerce course. Business management courses teach you about the following:

·         Strategizing: Business management courses usually start off with something known as strategizing. It teaches the students how to create business strategies. This module is vital, and lays down the foundation for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

·         Marketing and management: While starting out a business, you need to be ready with the marketing plan as well. Today, firms spend almost 50% of their budget on advertising and marketing, since this is what gets them a bulk of their clients. Marketing is all about promoting your brand in an exceptionally interesting manner with the use of innumerable marketing channels present today.

·         Organizational behavior:  During the earlier days, firms were mostly family managed businesses and they treated employees as liabilities. Today’s businessmen have realized that a firm is nothing without its employees, and therefore they are assets! Organizational behavior teaches future entrepreneurs how to handle their employees, improve employee satisfaction rate by constant motivational and morale boosting activities, and thus reduce attrition rate.

·         Economics and present issues: A businessman needs to be well aware about factors that can affect his/her business. Constantly changing laws and economic policies can make or break a business, and therefore one needs to know what’s happening with respect to present issues such as government legislations, economic policies, laws etc. Accordingly, one can change their business practices and seek more benefits.

·         Corporate Social Responsibility: A pretty new module, corporate social responsibility is all about giving back to the society. Do you remember watching ads with a social message, but promoted by a brand? All these ad campaigns are nothing but CSR. CSR aims to improve the image of the company in the minds of the audience by making them feel favorable about the practices of the company.

For those who’ve just passed 12th, diploma in management is an option to consider. For those who have successfully completed their bachelor’s, they can opt for masters in management.

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