If you notice the trend in choosing courses, you will see that there’s a tilt towards management courses. Studying management has become a favorite choice of a lot of 12th pass outs since it gives them a chance to study about the management role right from a bachelor’s degree, as opposed to getting acquainted with it during their MBA. It trains them to become managers and gives them hands on approach about everything that’s needed to become a manager.

When it comes to management, there are various degrees that you can choose. You can opt for Bsc, or Ba hons courses in Management. They have a slightly different method of teaching but the core concepts remain the same. You’ll be taught about leadership, how to manage a team, how to motivate your employees to reach specific goals, handling a company in times of crisis etc. While Bsc focuses more on the science aspect of management, Ba focuses on an approach that says modern day management should not follow any principles. It says that the decisions should be based on the situation the company is going through.

Choosing the right college for Ba Hons in Management Delhi is a tough task. With so many good options, which one will you go after? We’ll give you 3 incredible tips to find a college worthy of you –

·         Check rankings online: Visit online education forums and check out magazines. They have rankings of colleges across every stream. You should see colleges that are in the top 10 in your respective field. Leading national magazines carry college rankings a month or two prior to admissions.

·         Extracurricular and co-curricular activities: A college should definitely conduct extracurricular and co-curricular activities. It boosts the students’ morale and helps them gain confidence. It also helps in overall exposure and development of soft skills.

·         Faculty: Faculty is of utmost importance. You need to know about the people who’ll be teaching you. Every college lists down its faculty on the website. They even give a brief about all of them. Check the websites and see which faculty looks outstanding.

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